This site is dedicated to the pictures and stories that belong to the family created when Marc Arthur Hutchison married Susan Gail Call on December 16, 1978 in the Provo, Utah Temple.

That family reaches back in time to families in Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and Switzerland named Hutchison, Jones, Yingst, Call, Burr, Peter, Richards, Kushlan, Threlkeld, Dabling and more.  And it reaches forward into new families named Hanson, Mintz, and even extends to embrace McHughs, Toveys, Hancocks, Petersons, Wades, and ever-growing additions by marriage.

We’ll try to organize this site and make it searchable.  But first, we’re just going to start recording.  Every picture seems to tell a little more of the story, so let’s get started.

Marc Arthur Hutchison and Susan Call Hutchison on their Wedding Day at the Provo Temple

Somebody, probably my Matron of Honor, Elaine Mitchell, posed us so you could see our new rings, the bouquet, and my dress and veil.  I designed and made the dress.  I wanted to look like a pioneer bride, honoring my heritage and filling my dream of a temple wedding.  Back when I was growing up, temple brides had to wear high collars and long sleeves, and this is how I always dreamed I would look when I married.  To tell the truth, it looks a lot like a wedding dress I made for Barbie when I was eight or nine years old.   My bouquet is made of silk.  The only natural plant in it is wheat, more pioneer/country imagery.  The red carnations with little wildflowers, the same color of the wheat made my wedding colors “red and wheat”.  It was a Christmastime wedding, the last day the temple was open before the Christmas break.  Marc had already begun working in Price, so we drove that night to my new home over the snow-covered mountain pass, with a full moon shining.  More dreams come true, for the dreamy pioneer bride.


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